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Dr. Cynthia Golomb wants to empower you to improve your health and appearance.  You might feel younger than you look.  Dr. Golomb can help you let your inner light shine through by turning the clock back a few years.  Or you may have concerns about the health of your skin—she can identify and treat issues such as skin cancer that can be serious, or even life threatening.  Sign up to receive skin care tips and news to improve your health and appearance from Dr. Cynthia Golomb. ›

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Filler Special: Versa




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Try two syringes of Versa for $825. (Regular price $1300).

Versa corrects moderate-to-severe wrinkles and folds.

In a recent study, patients had a lower rate of swelling
with Revanesse Versa compared to other fillers.

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Before and After

Genius Skin Tightening

The Lutronic Genius provides smoother, tighter skin.
It’s even been called a non-surgical facelift.   As you can see with just three treatments, the sagging and crepey skin on the neck is significantly improved.  Wrinkles on the face and neck are also decreased.  The three treatments were spaced about four to six weeks apart.

Lutronic Genius uses high intensity focused RF (radio frequency) through gold-plated micro-needles to stimulate collagen. This technology addresses a number of skin concerns and provides long-lasting results.  My patients love it!

Ear lobe repair – gauge earring hole

Repairing the large holes created by gauge earrings will take about an hour.  It’s a simple in-office procedure.

I’ll inject lidocaine into in each earlobe so you won’t feel anything as I cut away the excess skin.  You’ll have minimal discomfort afterward.  The “after” photo of my patient on the right was taken three weeks after the repair.

For best results, I recommend you remove your gauge earrings one to two months prior to the procedure, this allows the hole to shrink a little on its own.



Dermal Fillers and the COVID-19 Vaccine

· In the News · Comments Off on Dermal Fillers and the COVID-19 Vaccine

In case you have not heard, during the Moderna vaccine trial, three participants who had facial filler injections experienced facial swelling after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

One of the three previously had a similar reaction to an influenza vaccine.  In all three cases, the swelling decreased with antihistamines or steroids.

As a result, the FDA has said “it is possible the localized swelling in these cases is due to an inflammatory reaction from interaction between the immune response after vaccination and the dermal filler.”

One of my professional organizations, the American Academy of Dermatology, has a registry of cases of dermatologic side effects of COVID-19 and the vaccines and is closely monitoring reports.

At this point this reaction appears to be rare, but I will keep you up-to-date if we learn more.

I will be vaccinated for COVID this week and I am not concerned, even though I have recently had filler.  I strongly believe the vaccine is very important.

If you have any concerns about being vaccinated because you have had filler, take an antihistamine the day before and the day of your COVID vaccine.  I recommend Zyrtec.


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