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Month: January 2015

Mimic better bone structure with dermal fillers for a more youthful look

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Upload: January 3, 2015Years ago it was thought that gravity was the major factor in age-related changes to the face. After the introduction of fillers, experts have been focusing on and studying anatomical changes that occur with time. We now know gravity is not the primary reason for the changes in the face that happen with age.

Loss of fat and collagen do play a role in facial aging, especially in those who are athletic and do a lot of aerobic activity. But, it’s actually bone loss — the foundation of the facial supporting structure — that results in jowls, lengthening of the upper lip and a down turned smile.

In this demonstration at a recent patient event (above), I am enhancing the mandible and chin with Radiesse®.  A diminishing chin is projected forward, resulting in more youthful proportions and less jowls. I call this technique “lift the sling.”

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