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Kysse is new for lips

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I injected my patient with the new Restylane Kysse and she looks amazing!  I only used ½ of a syringe, because she did not want “big lips.”

That’s the beauty of this new product.  I can use less product and still achieve a nice improvement in volume and texture.

Because it is soft and flexible I can shape the lip to the patient’s desire:  a French lip, heart shape or geisha lip, or other options for any age group.

The best news is that this filler lasts longer!  From nine months to possibly up to a year.

Using less filler that lasts longer translates to a value for my patients.




More Beautiful Lips with Vollure and Volbella

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My patient, who is in her 60s, wanted to get rid of the lines above her lips and also add volume to her upper lip.

To reduce the “lipstick lines” above her lip, I used Volbella.
In her lip, I used Vollure.

Vollure provides subtle, natural volume and is more spreadable – it can be smoothed out to exactly where you need it.


Vollure for Beautiful Lips

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It makes my day to receive messages like this!

One syringe of Vollure is all it took to take these great lips to gorgeous.

This photo was taken 7 hours after the procedure.

When you are planning to have filler, stop taking blood thinners one week before your appointment to avoid bruising and bleeding. Things to avoid include: alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen (any NSAID), vitamin E or fish oil (any omega-3).

New Juvéderm filler designed for duration

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New Vollure XC is perfect for the number one treatment area:  nasal labial folds (those deepening parentheses lines around your mouth).  Vollure lasts up to 18 months and the great news is that re-treatment requires 1/3 less product!  It provides subtle, natural volume and is more spreadable so I can smooth out the product to exactly where you need it.  I love Vollure!

Talk to us about Volbella!

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I’m one of the first doctors in the area using Volbella.

Ask Oksana (left) about her first Volbella treatment.  This new filler lasts twice as long, increases lip fullness and softens the lines around the mouth.

Make an appointment for a consultation and we can discuss how I can create a natural-looking, plumper lip for you!

Volbella is here! Fuller, smoother, longer lasting.

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Dr. Golomb stays up on the latest products and techniques in cosmetic dermatology.  She is one of the first doctors in the area to offer the newest filler Juvéderm Volbella.  It is a longer lasting treatment to increase lip fullness and to soften lines around the mouth.

In the hands of an expert like Dr. Golomb, Volbella can created a natural-looking, plumper lip.

Volbella lasts through one year, while other fillers dissipate in six months.

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