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Dr. Cynthia Golomb, MD wants to empower you to improve your health and appearance.  You might feel younger than you look.  Dr. Golomb can help you let your inner light shine through by turning the clock back a few years.  Or you may have concerns about the health of your skin—she can identify and treat issues such as skin cancer, which can be serious, or even life-threatening.

Dr. Golomb’s experience as a skin doctor and board-certified Mohs surgeon, means skin cancer screenings and treatment are a regular part of her practice.

Other services Dr. Golomb provides include Botox, skin tightening, laser skin resurfacing, facial injectables, ear lobe repair, microneedling, chemical peels, and HydraFacial.

Dr. Cynthia Golomb, MD is widely considered one of the best dermatologists in Hallandale Beach and regularly welcomes patients from Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, Golden Beach, North Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines and Hollywood, Fl.

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SkinVive Special – 2 syringes for $850

SkinVive softens and reduces vertical lines above the lips as these before and after photos demonstrate.

SkinVive for Vertical Lip Lines.  Get 2 syringes for $850 (regular price $1300)

SkinVive is a prescription hydrator that will give your skin gloss and luminosity.  Results peak at 3 to 4 weeks and will last 6 months or more.

SkinVive is especially good for those pesky lipstick lines above your upper lip!
I am impressed with how it helps with the fine lines.

Are you ready to improve the quality of your skin?  Save $450 with this special.  If you book online, select “filler” for your SkinVive appointment.  While it is not a traditional filler that provides volume, it requires the same amount of time to inject.

Discount available through July 31, 2024.  Cherry Financing is excluded from all specials.

JUVÉDERM Special for Alle members

Juvederm Volux creates a more youthful and defined jawline, reducing the appearance of jowls and gives the impression of less fat under the chin.

Alle members save $75 off each Juvederm syringe:

Ultra, Ultra Plus, Volbella, Vollure, Voluma, Volux

If you’re not a member, it’s easy to join Alle.

Juvederm Volux is one of the newest fillers,
specially designed to improve the jawline.

Discount available through July 31, 2024.

Cherry Financing is excluded from all specials.

Before and After

Ear lobe repair – gauge earring hole

Repairing the large holes created by gauge earrings will take about an hour.  It’s a simple in-office procedure.

I’ll inject lidocaine into in each earlobe so you won’t feel anything as I cut away the excess skin.  You’ll have minimal discomfort afterward.  The “after” photo of my patient on the right was taken three weeks after the repair.

For best results, I recommend you remove your gauge earrings one to two months prior to the procedure, this allows the hole to shrink a little on its own.


Skin Tightening

The Lutronic Genius provides smoother, tighter skin via microneedling with radio frequency.  It’s been called a non-surgical facelift.   As you can see with just three treatments, the sagging and crepey skin on the neck is significantly improved.  Wrinkles on the face and neck are also decreased.  The three treatments were spaced about four to six weeks apart.

Lutronic Genius uses high intensity focused RF (radio frequency) through gold-plated micro-needles to stimulate collagen. This technology addresses a number of skin concerns and provides long-lasting results.  My patients love it!

What are Malar Mounds and Festoons and How to Get Rid of Them

· Festoons and Malar Mounds · Comments Off on What are Malar Mounds and Festoons and How to Get Rid of Them

What are Malar Mounds and Festoons? There are many theories on the cause of festoons, and several terms are used to describe the puffiness often seen along the lower eyelid.  Festoons are below the lower eyelid, a swollen area appearing as a mound, bump or sagging skin around the cheekbones. There is a standard definition […]

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