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Month: February 2021

Join me online FEBRUARY 24 at 6:30pm

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Love fillers, but want a filler that looks even more natural and lasts longer?

Or, have you always wanted to try fillers but didn’t want to look “done?” This is the event for you!

You are invited to a very special Virtual Event highlighting my new, exclusive new line of fillers: The RHA Collection.  It’s a Swiss innovation, popular in Europe, now approved for use in the U.S. 

Join me online FEBRUARY 24 at 6:30pm

Register today at

The woman who developed RHA wanted to design a filler as close to the body’s natural hyaluronic acid as possible to achieve a soft, natural look.  RHA stands for “Resilient Hyaluronic Acid.”

What Makes RHA different from other fillers?

  • It is very smooth, with no lumps and bumps.
  • It integrates with the tissue for a very natural look.
  • Lasts longer than other fillers, up to 15 months.
  • Designed to perform in the most dynamic areas of the face without looking stiff or unnatural.

RHA is exclusive to experienced injectors and I am thrilled to be one of 15 medical practices in Broward County Florida selected to offer it.

At my Virtual Event, I will discuss and demonstrate this new line of fillers, answer your questions in a live chat Q&A and offer special pricing for event attendees ONLY!  We will have giveaways too.

Excited?? I am too! You’ll need to register today, so please don’t delay.

Register at

The tragedy of misinformation

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Allure magazine wrote a good article about all the misinformation out there about dermal fillers and the COVID-19 vaccine.

I think it is a tragedy that many filler patients refused to get vaccinated because of the misleading reports in the news media.  Some reporting caused panic, confusion and concerns that were out of proportion to the actual, rare events that resolved quickly.

Yes, there have been a few, rare reactions to the COVID vaccine in filler patients, but these types of reactions are not new, nor are they unique to the COVID vaccine.

Click to read the Jan. 20, 2021 article:  “Why You Should Still Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Even If You Have (or Plan to Get) Dermal Fillers.”


Festoon Update

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Earlier I posted a video of the CO2 CoolPeel laser treatment to reduce the festoons under my eyes.  Now with these photos, you see what I looked like pre and post-procedure.

Festoons appear below the “eye bags” as a mound or bump around the cheekbones.  Or, a festoon could be sagging skin or folds of skin above the cheek.

I was red immediately after the laser treatment, but the CoolPeel has less downtime and less redness than older technology CO2 lasers.  The CoolPeel’s new technology delivers energy more precisely, without a lot of thermal damage to the skin, so recovery is faster.

The laser can be set to mild, moderate or aggressive and the downtime increases with the intensity of the treatment.

The treatment I had was moderate and addresses fine lines, superficial wrinkles, dark circles and festoons.  The cost for this treatment under the eyes is $850.  The downtime is 3 to 5 days.  You can begin wearing makeup in 2 to 3 days.

Laser resurfacing with a CO2 laser encourages the skin’s natural healing process and revitalizes the area by creating better support in the skin.  It also tightens the skin by “shrinking” tissue.

My CoolPeel CO2 laser can be customized to your unique needs — it is powerful, fast and gives fabulous results.  After your treatment, your skin will look smoother, tighter, fresher and more youthful.

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