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Can you die from skin cancer?

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Melanoma accounts for the majority of deaths from skin cancer.  It becomes deadly when it spreads (metastasizes), so early detection is critical.  According to the National Cancer Institute, melanoma death rates have recently decreased due to new and improved treatments.

Melanoma can develop from an existing mole or nearby, but it can also abruptly appear.  What makes it so threatening is that it can spread to lymph nodes and to internal organs.  However, the survival rate is good when melanoma is treated before it spreads to the lymph nodes.

melanoma lesion


Anyone can get melanoma, but individuals with these attributes are more at risk:

  • A family history of melanoma
  • Have had cancer in the past
  • Have had melanoma previously or any other type of skin cancer
  • More than 50 moles on their bodies, especially large or unusual moles
  • Use of tanning beds
  • Blue or green eyes
  • Blonde or red hair

Dermatologic surgeons remove melanoma tumors surgically, along with surrounding skin. The size and depth of the melanoma will determine the amount of tissue removed. In addition, over 10 new drugs have been approved to treat metastatic melanoma.

melanoma lesion


Regular skin checks by a board-certified dermatologist are an important way to ensure early detection and treatment of any type of skin cancer.  Your life could depend on it.

To learn more visit the American Academy of Dermatology website.

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