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Can’t I just take a supplement?

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Supplements are a big business, but the FDA does not regulate the manufacturers.  Unless a physician has guided you to take a vitamin due a deficiency, think twice about supplements.

Recent studies have found lead, mercury or arsenic in supplements when heavy metals are intentionally added to Ayurvedic supplements.  A woman in Canada taking Ayurvedic supplements for infertility experienced nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and constipation.  She was experiencing lead poisoning from the supplements.

Because they are not regulated, supplements may not contain the active ingredients they claim.  Earlier this year, an analysis of melatonin gummy products found that one product did not contain melatonin but did contain cannabidiol.  The other gummies tested had widely varied doses of melatonin ranging from 17% to 478%.

Always disclose which supplements you take to all the physicians providing your care.

The National Institutes of Health, Office of Dietary Supplements is a reputable resource for consumers to research vitamins, minerals and herbs and their recommended amounts for different ages.  The website also provides information about interactions between dietary supplements and medications, use of supplements for specific health conditions and use of supplements for exercise and athletic performance.

Diet is the best way to get nutrients.  Your skin’s health, and even your skin’s aging, is affected by what you eat.  Eating a lot of sugary foods regularly can make your skin look older.  High-temperature cooking also causes excess glucose in skin fibers and affects your collagen’s ability to repair itself.

Improve your diet with more vegetables, fruits, fish and olive oil.  Avoid processed foods and those that are grilled, fried and roasted.  Your skin will thank you.


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