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CoolPeel CO2 Laser Treatment for Festoons

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Do you have festoons?  I do.  They are below the “eye bags,” a swollen area appearing as a mound or bump around the cheekbones.  Or, a festoon could be sagging skin or folds of skin above the cheek.  Festoons can be genetic and often get worse with aging, sun exposure, or smoking unless you seek a remedy such as CO2 laser treatment.

The puffiness under the eyes gets worse with age because the structural support of the skin is deteriorating, and the muscles under the eyes weaken.  Lower eyelid surgery can sometimes improve the appearance, but it also can make the festoon look more prominent.

Laser resurfacing with a CO2 laser can encourage the skin’s natural healing process

Dr golomb with the CO2 laser

Click photo to view CoolPeel video

The laser you see in the video is the next generation of CO2 that has less downtime and less redness.  It has power and delivery that is unmatched in any other fractional carbon dioxide laser.  CoolPeel CO2 uses carbon dioxide technology to deliver energy precisely, without causing a lot of thermal damage to the skin, thus facilitating faster recovery.  It can be used for fine lines and to improve skin texture and pigment.  It also tightens the skin by “shrinking” tissue.

The laser can be set to mild, moderate or aggressive and the downtime increases with the intensity of the treatment.  The treatment in the video was moderate and will address fine lines, superficial wrinkles, dark circles and festoons.  The cost for this treatment under the eyes is $850.  A full-face, moderate treatment is $1000.  The downtime is 3 to 5 days.

A mild treatment of the full face and neck to improve pigment, sun damage and texture is $850.  The downtime for a mild treatment is about 2 days.

An aggressive (heavy) CO2 laser ablation to treat skin laxity, acne scars, deep lines and wrinkles is $2000.  The downtime is 5 days.

My CO2 laser treatment for under-eye bags can be customized to your unique needs — it is powerful, fast, and gives fabulous results.  After your treatment, your skin will look smoother, tighter, fresher and more youthful.

See the before and after photos.

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