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Fraxel Laser vs. CO2 Laser Treatments

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What is the Difference Between Fraxel Lasers vs CO2 lasers?

I was recently asked about the strength of a Fraxel laser vs CO2 laser.

CO2 lasers have always been the best choice for fine lines, deeper wrinkles and acne scars.  They remove tissue (ablate), resulting in some tightening as well.

Before and After CO2 CoolPeel Laser

Before and After CO2 CoolPeel Laser

Fraxel is a brand of erbium laser that is also very nice for acne scars and texture.  Fraxel was one of the first fractionated lasers, hence the choice of the brand name “Fraxel.”

Fractionated lasers leave areas of tissue sparing therefore, there is quicker healing and less chance of side effects.

My CoolPeel CO2 laser is also fractionated, allowing for quicker healing and fewer side effects such as hypopigmentation (light or white spots).

CO2 lasers can be adjusted in power (depth of penetration) and type of beam.  The CoolPeel technique removes tissue — slender columns with less thermal injury than the traditional Fraxel laser.

Healing can be very fast depending on the amount of energy and spacing of energy beams.  I can customize this for each patient, depending on whether they want a light, medium or heavy treatment.

The more energy and closer the spacing (fractionation), the “stronger” the treatment, and hence more downtime.

The Results

For me, there is nothing like a CO2 laser!  That’s why I have it.

We also have a Clear+Brilliant laser at my office.  It’s made by the same manufacturer as Fraxel.  It has less power, so the recovery is quicker.  It’s a mini Fraxel.

Of course, the choice depends on your skin type and expectations.

The question, which is stronger, is a good one, but they are different devices.

It’s like comparing a BMW to a Porsche.

Both are amazing!

Trusted CO2 Laser Treatments in North Miami

A CoolPeel CO2 laser procedure requires a consultation appointment in advance of your treatment, as education is required to prepare you for post-care after your CO2 treatment.  Call or text today for a consultation appointment with Dr. Golomb at 954-251-0367.  You may also book your consultation appointment online.

An advance consultation is not required for the Clear+Brilliant laser, so your treatment appointment can be scheduled online.

Dermatology Boutique is located in Hallandale Beach, Fl.  Dr. Cynthia Golomb regularly sees patients for laser treatments from all over North Miami, including Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines & Hollywood, Fl.


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