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New Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

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Micro-injections:  Promising Treatment for Hair Loss in Women and Men

I want to let you know about a new treatment for hair loss!  Micro-injections in the scalp to stop hair loss and grow new hair.  I am very excited about helping my patients with this new treatment.  Hair loss not only affects how you look but can also take an emotional toll.

Dermatologists have been researching the injection of prescription medications directly into the scalp with outstanding results for most patients.  I have been reviewing these studies and listening to lectures about the research, most recently at the American Academy of Dermatology meeting I just attended in New Orleans.

I have treated several patients so far this month.  The results are usually seen in 4 to 6 months, so I will keep you posted on what I find.  I am very enthusiastic and expect good results similar to the clinical studies.  If you would like to try this new protocol, read on.

The most common cause of hair loss for both men and women is androgenetic alopecia.  In this hereditary disorder, the male hormone testosterone creates a chemical in the hair follicles called DHT that begins to miniaturize the hair follicle; the hair thins, the strands become finer, then the hair falls out and often does not grow back.

I can prescribe oral medications such as Finasteride and Dutasteride for hair loss that block this chemical reaction in the hair follicle. However, when these two medications are taken orally, they can have unwanted sexual side effects for men.  Clinical studies have shown that when taken orally, Dutasteride is more effective than Finasteride in treating diffuse hair loss in men.  The original use of both of these medications was to treat prostate issues in men.

Minoxidil is another oral prescription with significantly fewer reports of sexual side effects for men.  It is a blood pressure medication, which could have other side effects, depending on the dose.

Minoxidil is also available as a daily topical treatment that is now over the counter, the generic name is Minoxidil, and the brand name is Rogaine.  This topical treatment does help some patients.  It’s available in foam or liquid with a dropper.

The new treatment is called “mesotherapy,” microinjections in the upper dermis of the scalp (very superficial) of Dutasteride or Minoxidil.  The studies I’ve been evaluating investigated both the effectiveness and safety of injecting these medications into the scalp.

Dr. Golomb is doing microinjections into the scalp of Minoxidil on this 61-year-old female patient.

I am doing micro-injections of Minoxidil in the scalp of my 61-year-old female patient.

In a study of women injected with Minoxidil, the participants had a significant increase in hair growth.  Patients were injected monthly for three months and were often on oral prescription medication (Minoxidil or Dutasteride) as well.

Other studies also demonstrated greater improvement when scalp injections were added for patients already taking the medication orally.

The protocols in the studies varied.  And I will work with each patient individually to assess their response to the injections to determine how frequently I should inject. For example, in one study, patients received injections monthly for three months and then every two to three months.  In another, patients were treated for 17 months, with three months between injections.

I am very excited to offer a non-surgical treatment for hair loss with minimal discomfort and proven efficacy at an affordable price.  Call 855-465-6621 to book a consultation with me to see if this new treatment is an option for your hair loss.

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