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Silhouette InstaLift

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Our latest cosmetic treatment at Dermatology Boutique is Silhouette InstaLift.  It uses micro-suspension technology to provide you with an immediate lift and gradually restore lost facial volume in the mid-face by triggering your own collagen production.  And it lasts up to 2 years!

In this video, you see a snippet of the procedure which takes about 45 minutes.  First, Mylene was given a local anesthetic—that’s why she doesn’t feel a thing.  Also, you’ll see dark spots on her face where I marked insertion and exit points for the polymer sutures.

Silhouette InstaLift is FDA-cleared and made from a well-known polymer that is frequently used in medical devices and is well tolerated by the body.

Treatment pricing varies depending on the patient’s needs and the number of sutures required. The average range is $850 to $2,500.

Are you a candidate for an InstaLift?  If you want to refresh your appearance without major surgery, injections, or lasers, this might be the new and unique technology for you to lift sagging facial skin or jowls. Suitable candidates have good skin quality, with moderate sagging of the skin in the mid-face. The skin should not be too thick/heavy or too thin.

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