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Dr. Golomb

Treatment deflates keloid

· Keloid (raised scar) · Comments Off on Treatment deflates keloid

Keloids are raised scars and if you have one, you might call it a scar gone crazy. They can be painful and also itch. When they grow large on a prominent location on the body, patients’ self-esteem can suffer. This patient had a large keloid on her chest. We started injections in December and the […]

Gauge Earring Earlobe Repair

· Earlobe Repair · Comments Off on Gauge Earring Earlobe Repair

Repairing Ears From Guage Earring Earlobe Damage Repairing the large holes in earlobes created by gauge earrings will take about an hour.  It’s a simple in-office procedure. I’ll inject lidocaine into in each earlobe so you won’t feel anything as I cut away the excess skin.  You’ll have minimal discomfort afterward.  The “after” photo of […]

Lutronic Genius – Skin Tightening

· Skin Tightening with RF Microneedling · Comments Off on Lutronic Genius – Skin Tightening

Look and feel younger with skin tightening treatment Lutronic Genius Smoother, tighter skin.  Skin tightening has been called the non-surgical facelift. Genius treatments use high-intensity focused RF (radio frequency) through gold-plated microneedles to stimulate collagen. This technology addresses a number of skin concerns and provides long-lasting results: – Fine lines and wrinkles – Tone and […]

Paparazzi in Hollywood Florida

· In the News · Comments Off on Paparazzi in Hollywood Florida

Recently I attended the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery conference in Hollywood Florida. I was nominated for best cosmetic dermatologist and you can see how we had to run from the paparazzi on the red carpet at the award ceremony event. Seriously, Terri Cronin, FSDDS president, did an outstanding job of putting together […]

PRP stimulates collagen; improves tone and texture of skin

· platelet rich plasma, PRP · Comments Off on PRP stimulates collagen; improves tone and texture of skin

Build collagen with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections. It’s an injectable made from your blood! PRP speeds healing and has been used for years to help athletes recover from injuries and to repair tendons and joints. For the face, PRP can be used in addition to fillers to stimulate collagen production to improve the tone and […]

Microneedling for youthful skin!

· Microneedling · Comments Off on Microneedling for youthful skin!

Minimize fine lines, smooth wrinkles, reduce stretch marks & acne scars with microneedling. Skin thickness is a feature of youthful skin and unfortunately skin thins as we age.  Thin skin shows fine lines and wrinkles more.  Microneedling increases skin thickness! What is microneedling?  Tiny surgical needles reach underlying skin layers to prompt the skin’s healing […]

A new treatment shows promise for hair re-growth: PRP

· Hair Loss Treatment, platelet rich plasma, PRP · Comments Off on A new treatment shows promise for hair re-growth: PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a new method to treat hair loss (androgenic alopecia) and PRP is now available at Dermatology Boutique! Some patients experience a reduction in hair loss after several PRP treatments, and also an improvement in the volume and coverage of hair on treated areas of the scalp. PRP is an injectable made […]

Get rid of your double chin with Kybella

· Injectables · Comments Off on Get rid of your double chin with Kybella

Kybella® contains a naturally occurring molecule that aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat.  It is approved for injection into the fat beneath the chin.  Once injected, the fat cells are destroyed and cannot store or accumulate fat. View more before and after photos to see what Kybella can do.  Also find answers to the […]

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