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Large pigmented lesion erased with a chemical peel

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My patient had a large lentigo on her cheek.  Lentigines are pigmented lesions that can be flat or raised.  The most common cause is sun damage.

Lentigines can be treated with broad-spectrum sunscreen, sun avoidance, bleaching creams, retinoids, chemical peels and laser.

I chose to do a spot chemical peel with a low concentration of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) early in February.  Today, Mylene followed up with an excel V laser treatment of the spot.  The “after” photo was taken just before the patient’s laser treatment.

Once you have a fantastic result like this, you’ll want to follow a prevention regimen that I will outline for you.  Diligent maintenance is essential.  Otherwise, daily activity, sunlight and environmental pollutants will cause recurrence.

My patient granted Dermatology Boutique permission to post her photos on Dr. Golomb’s social media and patient communications. I am grateful she allowed me to share her photos to help others.

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