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Cyst Removal

Cysts can appear anywhere on the body.  The face, neck, back and the area behind the ears are the most common sites.  Cysts are bumps in the skin filled with solid or fluid material.  They may contain sebaceous material, the oily substance that would normally be present on the surface of the skin for normal lubrication.

Small cysts can easily be expressed easily with a comedone or cyst expresser. Larger cysts require surgical removal.  Cysts may stay in the skin for years, but they may also increase in size or rupture, which causes them to become tender, red and infected.  Such cysts need drainage and may also require an oral antibiotic.

Cyst removal is typically done through surgical excision, a minor surgical procedure.  A small incision is made in the area of the cyst and then the cyst and surrounding tissue will be removed to ensure complete excision.   A local anesthetic is used for this procedure.  Most cysts do not return when thoroughly removed. Some patients are left with a small scar after a cyst is removed that typically fades with time.

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