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Laser Skin Resurfacing and Light Therapy

By Cynthia Golomb, MD

You can’t beat laser treatments for improving the appearance of the skin.  I have a variety of devices to address many different skin issues.  For deep wrinkles and serious sun damage, an ablative laser renews the skin and stimulates collagen.  If you want to address fine lines and sun damage but aren’t ready for an ablative laser, I have non-ablative and gentler alternatives.  If redness and spider veins are an issue, I have a laser for that, too.  Looking to get a glow before an event?  We’ve got a mild lunchtime treatment for you.  I also offer non-laser, light therapy treatments that address some of the same skin issues as lasers.

A woman in her 60s receiving a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment.
This patient is receiving a SmartXide Tetra CO2 laser treatment.


Ablative Lasers – Laser Skin Resurfacing

These are the strongest lasers that remove the outer layer of skin and “resurface” your skin.  An ablative laser will provide a dramatic improvement in wrinkles, texture, scarring and pigmentation.

Sun damage can often cause lines and wrinkles that cannot be corrected with fillers.  For years, CO2 laser resurfacing has been the way to get rid of wrinkles and tighten skin.  But the aggressive, ablative (removal of skin) treatment required several weeks of downtime with red, raw, oozing skin.  New fractional CO2 lasers changed all that. 

Laser:  SmartXide Tetra CO2

My CO2 fractional laser produces skin resurfacing results without the lingering heat that damages the surrounding skin.  Unlike regular CO2, the SmartXide has minimal risk of hyperpigmentation, demarcation or infection caused by the procedure.  A CO2 laser treatment will reveal your healthier, younger-looking skin!   

SmartXide CO2 tightens fine lines and wrinkles, reduces sun damage, minimizes pores and improves skin texture and tone with significantly less downtime than regular CO2.

a woman's face before and after CoolPeel CO2 Laser skin Resurfacing
This patient had a heavy SmartXide CO2 laser treatment around her mouth to address lipstick lines and wrinkles.

The Tetra CO2 laser also has a CoolPeel setting that provides a lighter CO2 treatment.  CoolPeel will help with your crow’s feet, lipstick lines, smile lines and pore size.  The CoolPeel setting is less dense and uses less energy, so you recover more quickly.  Coolpeel offers little downtime but may require more than one treatment.

I’m often asked how my Tetra CO2 laser compares to the Fraxel erbium laser.  Here’s my analysis.

A cosmetic consultation is required before booking a light or heavy CO2 procedure.  You may book your consultation using my online scheduling tool. 

For both the light and heavy CO2 treatments, we’ll apply numbing cream before your procedure.  A full-face treatment takes about 15-20 minutes.

After the lighter CoolPeel procedure, you will look like you have a sunburn after the treatment for a day or two.  If you requested a more aggressive treatment, plan for a few days of downtime as you might have redness for 3 to 5 days.  Your skin may feel dry or scaly as it heals—keep your skin hydrated after the procedure.  We will provide detailed instructions on post-treatment care and when you can return to your daily skin regimen. 

Consider combining your CO2 treatment with BBL HERO light therapy.  When these two procedures are done within two to three weeks of each other, the results are stunning.  I call it the “Magic Duo.”

Non-Ablative Lasers – Laser Skin Resurfacing

These lasers also rejuvenate the skin but without the downtime of an ablative laser.  However, you will need a series of treatments to see optimal results.

Laser:  LaseMD Ultra
1927 Thulium

The LaseMD Ultra is a fractional laser that is not too strong but not too mild.  It can also be used on all skin types, including patients with darker skin tones.  It’s the Goldilocks treatment that’s just right to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigment and pore size with little downtime.

Before and after LaseMD laser treatment photos of a woman's lower face
The “after” photo was taken after four LaseMD treatments.

LaseMD is milder than a CO2 laser treatment but still delivers results and jump-starts collagen production in your skin.  It is especially effective on pigment when combined with BBL HERO light therapy.

KeraLase is a new therapy that promotes the growth of stronger, thicker and fuller-looking hair. This nonsurgical treatment for thinning hair combines LaseMD laser technology with a scalp hair growth serum.

Laser:  Clear+Brilliant
1440nm and Perméa 1927nm

Clear + Brilliant is simple, effective and affordable.  It is a lunchtime procedure with zero downtime.  Sometimes called a “baby Fraxel,” this unique treatment uses safe fractional laser technology to address the early signs of aging skin and helps to prevent them. It refreshes your skin from the inside out, addresses pigment and reduces pore size. Patients report looking younger.

In the photo below, the patient has photodamage on her chest caused by sun exposure. Photo-damaged skin can get wrinkled, rough, mottled and hyperpigmented. After several Clear + Brilliant treatments, this patient can expect improved pigment and texture. 

clear and brilliant laser resurfacing therapy taking place on a woman laying down

Watch these Clear + Brilliant treatment videos to see how easy and painless it is!

Laser for Facial Redness, Vascular Lesions

Laser:  Cutera excel V  
long-pulse Nd:YAG laser with dual wavelength of 532/1064-nm

The excel V laser targets vascular lesions and pigmentation like red and brown spots, facial veins, capillaries and bruises.  With a few excel V Laser treatments, you could experience a significant decrease in redness, including rosacea flushing.  Spider veins on the face disappear during treatment as the excel V “erases” them.  The excel V also prevents acne, shrinks pores and can address brown spots from sun damage. 

close up on a woman before cultura v laser therapyclose up on woman after cultura v laser therapy

Above, you see a stubborn brown spot in the “before” photo. First, I confirmed it was benign with a biopsy before we began to treat it cosmetically. It took five monthly treatments with the excel V laser to get this result.  Once clear, my patient kept the spot from returning by using Obagi “dark spot lightener and corrector cream” and a Retinoid. The “after” photo is three years after treatment. My patient is glad to have it gone, and she’s committed to the regimen so it doesn’t reappear.  This diligent maintenance is essential!  Otherwise, daily activity, sunlight and environmental pollutants will cause recurrence.

Safe for all skin types, the excel V is virtually painless, and there’s no downtime.

In the video above, I’m treating sun damage on the neck (poikiloderma) with the excel V laser.  Poikiloderma is often found on the sides and front of the neck, frequently in middle-aged and older women. The affected skin appears red/brown.  After an excel V treatment, many patients have a hive reaction, which is easily treatable with antihistamine, and the swelling dissipates in a day or two.  Book your excel V Laser appointment online.

Other Lasers

Laser Hair Removal
Laser:  YAG

Tired of shaving or waxing? Say goodbye to unwanted dark or coarse hair anywhere on your body:  upper lip, chin, underarms, back, bikini area, arms and legs.  Prices depend on the size of the area for hair removal.  Our gentle laser can be used on all skin types.

Other Treatments for Transformative Results

I also offer light therapy treatments, such as photo rejuvenation, that can also be transformative for the health and appearance of your skin.  Learn more about light therapy and photo rejuvenation treatments.

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Dr. Cynthia Golomb is triple board certified in Dermatology, Mohs surgery and Dermatopathology.  She has practiced general and cosmetic dermatology for over 25 years.  Dr. Golomb regularly welcomes patients from Aventura, Sunny Isles Beach, North Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines, Hallandale Beach and Hollywood, Florida, for laser treatments.  Request a consultation today by calling or texting 954-251-0367 or you may schedule your consultation appointment online.

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